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Remote capable with a home studio!


Spunky yet sophisticated

   Kennady Ray is a voice actor based out of Los Angeles. She's an experienced actor with a decade worth of first-hand knowledge, primarily on stage. From Lady MacBeth in MacBeth to Annabella/Pamela/Margret in The 39 Steps, Kennady has mastered versatility and range.

   Professionally trained with the Lessac Voice & Body Method as well as the Suzuki Method, she has the discipline to dig deep & deliver the best performance for her clients.

   Currently, she's voicing roles in video games, animated series, and audio dramas (see: projects!). 

   If she's not voice acting, playing video games, or cuddling her dog Bumble, you can find her at her sewing machine working on a new craft project! It's her goal to sew herself a whole new wardrobe. She's not that good at it yet, but she's trying her best. 



Kennady Ray - Character DemoKennady Ray
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Commercial Demo ReelKennady Ray
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the traitor
Unfortunate spacemen

     At long last, the Traitor has arrived! This dastardly agent of BRIGADE is here to help bring down The Company. The Traitor is now a role you can opt-in to at the start of a round, just like opting in as the Monster. The Traitor has one goal; help the Monster win.

rin kashii
battle game in 5 seconds

     Initially Rin gives impression of flirty and seductive woman, that adores to use her charms to play with men. However, it is only a front and in reality she is very egoistical and has wrathful temper. Willing to survive at all costs, she has no restraint in manipulating her underlings, and physically abuses them if they fail.

Mackenzie Ray Carter

   “In Plain Sight” is an emotional and impactful story set in modern America among residents of a trailer park who struggle not only with their economic situation but also with a net of mysteries and secrets. The fully black and white game follows 17-year-old Mackenzie Carter, who desperately needs to find out what happened to her mother. During this journey, Mackenzie also gets in touch with her dear but estranged friend April as they both try to uncover even the darkest truth.

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